E-commerce: Are you selling online in 2014?

dec 2013

Licenses, consumer goods, electronics or anything else you can purchase online and get delivered via a simple e-mail or a door to door delivery, Belgians love them. Last year the e-commerce turnover in Belgium was €1,5bn with an average online customer spending of €1243/person.* 24% of Belgians purchase at least one product a month online. E-commerce spending in Belgium, or more correctly in Belgian e-commerce stores, is growing steadily rather than explosively during the last few years. The main reason for this is the very core idea of online shopping: it crosses national borders. 60% of online purchases in Belgium are made in “foreign”, mainly EU based, online stores.


Purchases online 2011-2013 increase

Retail stores start to set up online stores in parallel, licensed software packages are downloaded and paid for and we all have purchased music or apps from iTunes or the Android Store. The digital and “real” world are more and more intertwined so the question is no longer “if” you should sell your services or products online but “how” you can do it the best way. A better understanding on “why” people purchase online can be found from the graph below.

Why people buy online

Drupal Commerce, as part of the larger Drupal community, has been developing modules and integrations for the last few years which allow you to setup an online store within your existing Drupal setup or as a standalone solution. Do you have specific questions on how Drupal Commerce could boost your business online? Get in touch, we’ll be glad to share some ideas!

*stats: eustats http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/statistics_explained/index.php/E-commerce_statistics

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