XIO ranked 17th in the world for contribution to Drupal Community

DEC 2015
Pascal Noppe

At XIO, we are dedicated Drupalistas, which is why we are investing in and helping to build the open source content management system Drupal. For our contribution to the Drupal Community, we are ranked 17th in the world and 2nd in Belgium.


What we do for the Drupal Community

As a Supporting Partner, we support the worldwide Drupal Community with an annual financial contribution of 1,900 euros to the Drupal Association. Since 2011, as the official service provider to the Dutch-language Drupal Community (drupal.be) we have been regularly organising and sponsoring local events such as Drupal Developer Days, Drupal Business Days, Drupalcamps 2012, 2013 and 2014, Drupal User Groups and Drupal Code Sprints.

In 2015, shortly before the first Drupal 8 release candidate, we organised a Drupal Code Sprint in which 24 front- and back-end developers donated their time on a Sunday to come into our office to work on 25 issues in Drupal Core together. 


Community time in training plan has motivational effect

At XIO, we reward all the free time invested by our people through our training plan. It takes time to maintain and improve an open source content management system like Drupal. A great deal of time. Contributions from the worldwide community are therefore essential for maintaining Drupal’s momentum. The community time invested is free time and includes, for example:

  • Collaborating in code. For example, over the past few years, Drupal team members have collaborated in the code of Drupal core (Views, Datetime, Others) and Contrib (Calendar, Views templates, xtheme).
  • Helping to organise Drupal events.
  • Evangelising Drupal by running sessions at conferences.

This is an area in which it is possible to go (too) far. One of the sessions run at DrupalCon 2015 was entitled ‘Avoiding and surviving contribution burnout’. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert also reflected on work-life balance in his keynote speech, dubbed the Driesnote.

At XIO, in order to prevent contribution burnout, we have developed a robust training plan in which we reward community time with extra training time within working hours or an extra training budget. The training budget can be used for a number of different things, the most popular of which are of course the DrupalCons around the globe. In 2016, DrupalCons will be held in Mumbai,  New Orleans and Dublin.

This sense of being valued and rewarded motivates our team to get involved in the Drupal Community. Below is a comparison between 2014 and 2015, looking at community time, training time and training budget (the team barely grew in these two years):

  2014 2015
Community time 21.5 days 78 days
Training time 49.5 days 83.5 days
Training budget 9,500 EUR 13,000 EUR


Keeping abreast of the latest developments

The best opportunities for coming into contact with the Drupal Community and keeping abreast of all the latest developments are the international Drupal Community Events. In 2015, we attended the Drupal Developer Days in Montpellier, Drupalaton Hungary and DrupalCon Barcelona 2015. 
Bloovi, the online platform for stakeholders in the digital sector in Belgium, published a report of the latter event via XIO’s Director Pascal Noppe: Drupal founder Dries Buytaert wants Drupal to become ‘the go-to platform’ for websites and apps.


Ranking for contribution to the Drupal Community 

In 2015, 14th place was the highest ranking we achieved in the list of Drupal Service Providers worldwide. Since the contribution to the Drupal Community is only measured over de last 90 days, this place changes with time (we are currently ranked 17th). In Belgium we are ranked second.

On the Drupal Cores listing, XIO is ranked 43rd worldwide. This list is less time-sensitive and also takes into account our contribution over the past few years. You can find up-to-date information about our activities within the Drupal Community on our company page at drupal.org.

It goes without saying that we are unbelievably proud of this ranking in the Drupal Community, especially for an agency like ours with a relatively small team of 14 people. Above all, this is testament to our belief and active involvement in Drupal. It is our wish that we are thereby encouraging other agencies and developers to follow suit. If we work together on Drupal, we will all benefit from it: agencies, developers and clients alike.


Drupal 8 is here

In mid-November 2015, the release of Drupal 8 saw all our efforts once again finally bear fruit. In the Bloovi article cited above,you can also read about the key improvements in Drupal 8 and our experience with the development of our own website, which was already developed in the beta version of Drupal 8 in late 2014.



Our extra special thanks go to @geertvd, @pjonckiere, @netsensei@marieke_h, @pjbaert, @koence, @jnnck and @jensbraet for your contribution to the Drupal Community.

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