In order to ensure constant improvement during the development of your project, XIO works in accordance with the Scrum methodology.

update oktober 2016
Hendrik De Backer

Scrum. A somewhat bizarre name for a methodology that helps to retain focus, making it possible to achieve tangible results for your project as quickly as possible and avoid the traditional pitfalls of digital projects. Could Scrum be the Holy Grail of development? Read on to find out more about the benefits.

Scrum, a term which comes from rugby, involves constantly striving for improvement during the development of a project. Proper planning before the project starts remains crucial, but the world is constantly changing… and it is generally bigger than your project. Based on our experience and expertise, we can course-correct accordingly during the project.

Rapid response

Using the project plan as a starting point, we draw up a Backlog which contains all the elements to be developed. This is then subdivided into two-week intervals known as Sprints. These consist of Stories: task descriptions, to-do lists etc. Every two weeks, we also take stock of these Stories, communicate with the parties concerned and define the next Sprints.


Every Monday, we start with a Sprint Review and an assessment of the new Sprint tasks in the capable hands of the Scrum Master. The entire team will contribute to the assessments by means of the Scrum Poker and ensure that a complete overview is maintained.
During the daily stand-up or status meeting, each team member will make his or her contribution on the basis of three simple questions:

  • Which tasks did I perform yesterday?
  • What will I continue to work on today?
  • Which potential obstacles exist within the project timeline?

The aim is to exchange information between various competencies within the team, but also to draw up a checklist for the communication with you as the client if required.
Using good old Post-it notes, we bring all this information together on the Scrum Board.

Transparent communication

Transparent communication is crucial. We keep you informed of the project status by means of the Sprints. What's more, we show you the progress within the project in an interactive way by means of the so-called Sprint Demos.
This allows you to give feedback right away, help to determine the priorities and make decisions taking the scope and budget into account.

Focus and rapid, tangible results

The aim of the Scrum methodology is therefore to avoid surprises of any kind by following the predetermined project plan closely and ensuring clear communication with all the parties concerned. We keep the focus on the main issues and work efficiently on the side issues in order to achieve tangible results as quickly as possible.

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