Tailor-made e-commerce

If you're not selling online, you're missing out on a crucial part of your market. In the past few years we've noticed a shift in mentality on the consumer side and a growing confidence in the potential of online sales from companies. In addition, technology has reached maturity and logistics services have become incredibly reliable. So what’s stopping you selling online?


Online purchases and payments continue to increase

Belgium is one of the fastest growing markets in Western Europe when it comes to e-commerce. In the 5 years to 2013, online revenue tripled to €1.4 billion. 25% of Belgians buy online on a weekly basis. And we're not just talking shoes here - whether it's reservations for restaurants and online training sessions, purchases of software licenses or simply a yearly fee for the local sport club, Belgians are paying for online goods in force. A similar trend is visible in other European countries too, so why not use online channels to take your business beyond Belgium?


Drupal Commerce: seamless integration with your website

Often the user experience of your webshop is different to that of the rest of your website. Drupal Commerce solves this, as it’s a fully-featured platform built on Drupal. By using these integration features, and if needed combining them with other third party service integrations, Drupal is able to provide a unified user experience. And, as usual, it comes with all the perks of the Drupal platform; custom setup, straightforward content management and constant development through contributions from the open source community.


Take advantage of our in-depth e-commerce experience

Over the years we've developed setups with a smooth user experience, a clear step-by-step checkout process and a variety of payment integrations. This combination has provided clear added value for sole-trader businesses and multinationals alike. Implement your integrated e-commerce, sales and marketing activities on Drupal Commerce, and success is guaranteed.


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