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Drupal is a powerful CMS of Belgian origin. Drupal's versatility means you can create anything you want - and XIO takes it to new heights.

5 reasons why organisations love Drupal

We love working with Drupal because our clients do. And here's why:

  1. Drupal is modular. You start with a solid foundation, and then build as your online presence develops.
  2. Drupal is open source. That means you don’t pay any licensing fees; you can always access your supplier’s code, and even take it to another supplier if you need to.
  3. Drupal is supported by a large community of developers - one of the largest in the world in fact. This community continuously invests in innovation and optimisation, by sharing new modules and enhancing existing ones.
  4. Drupal makes it easy to manage content and translations. It offers unprecedented power and flexibility over content types and taxonomy, and translations get easier with every version.
  5. Drupal can be integrated with most systems. Whether you're using a tool for email marketing, CRM or invoicing, chances are there's already an integration module available for Drupal as long as it has an API and is cloud based.

XIO: a Drupal forerunner since 2007

We've made all kinds of things with Drupal, including:

  • multi-language websites for different countries
  • webshops and integrated e-commerce setups
  • cloud tool integration, from CRM to invoicing
  • intranet and extranet applications
  • back-ends for native apps
  • and lots more

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve probably done it before - and we can definitely do it for you.

We make sure you can always do more than ever with Drupal

  • As one of the Drupal Association's Supporting Partners, we provide financial support to the worldwide Drupal community.
  • As an official service provider for the Dutch-speaking Drupal community, we also regularly organise and sponsor regional events including Drupalcamps and Drupal User Groups.
  • All of our developers has an education plan, through which contributions to the community are rewarded with extra learning time.

Want to know more? Please get in touch.

Drupal Association supporting partner

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