Cloud integration

Are you using a specific technical setup or software for e-mail marketing, CRM, e-invoicing or other services? You're not the only one. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we prefer good third party solutions and the benefits of combining development efforts. There are plenty of integrations that are easy to implement within a Drupal setup, so if you're in need of a specific cloud-based solution then talk to us. There's every chance we've already solved your problem!

How we handle Drupal integrations in 5 steps

  1. Before you act - think! A proper analysis of the current systems to be connected and the additional tools needed is key. We place Drupal as a CMS at the core of the setup to handle all your web content. The main question we ask is; do we manage specific data types within Drupal, or do we integrate with existing setups and databases?
  2. Is there a cloud tool for the functionalities you need? If there is an existing solution that fits your needs we'll most likely advise you to go with a third party service. It will save you time and money, both in the initial phase and in the long run. 
  3. Once all the tools and functionalities have been defined, we map the data streams and design a mechanism to synchronise these streams in a straightforward way. When drafting our final recommendation, we consider speed, performance, usability and cost.
  4. Next step: implementation. Here we dig deeper into the API documentation and review the best practices available. What can we solve with existing modules, and where do we need custom-made solutions?
  5. Once implemented, we start testing. This always involves collaboration with our customer - after all, they know their data best! Problems with data formats, network issues, notification setup - there's nothing we can’t fix before the live date to guarantee a bulletproof solution.


Take advantage of our in-depth integration and setup experience

If we listed all the different types of integrations we've successfully completed for our customers, it would take up several pages. So if you have any questions on integrating e-mail marketing tools, CRM, ERP, e-invoicing, support, payment gateways and even licensed servers, the best thing to do is to contact us. No one needs a data integration headache!