In order to ensure constant improvement during the development of your project, XIO works in accordance with the Scrum methodology.

update oktober 2016
Hendrik De Backer

Scrum. A somewhat bizarre name for a methodology that helps to retain focus, making it possible to achieve tangible results for your project as quickly as possible and avoid the traditional pitfalls of digital projects. Could Scrum be the Holy Grail of development? Read on to find out more about the benefits.

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XIO Experiences @DrupalCon - Part 1

oct 2014
Matthias Vandermaesen

With DrupalCon Amsterdam, the very first beta of Drupal 8 has been released to world. This is a huge milestone towards the next major version of Drupal. With this release, developers can expect serious changes under the hood. While familiar concepts such as modules, nodes, entities, fields and formatters are still there, the APIs that allow you to ‘hook’ your custom code in Drupal have undergone massive improvements.

Drupal 8, why upgrade?

dec 2013
Pascal Noppe

Drupal 8 is coming out in 2014, but is the upgrade relevant for me and when should I upgrade? What role can XIO play in all this? We provide explanations from a non-technical point of view. 

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E-commerce: Are you selling online in 2014?

dec 2013
Maarten Patteeuw

Licenses, consumer goods, electronics or anything else you can purchase online and get delivered via a simple e-mail or a door to door delivery, Belgians love them. Last year the e-commerce turnover in Belgium was €1,5bn with an average online customer spending of €1243/person.* 24% of Belgians purchase at least one product a month online. E-commerce spending in Belgium, or more correctly in Belgian e-commerce stores, is growing steadily rather than explosively during the last few years. The main reason for this is the very core idea of online shopping: it crosses national borders. 60% of online purchases in Belgium are made in “foreign”, mainly EU based, online stores.

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