XIO Drupal 8 development platform put into practice for Powerstep

MAY 2016
Hendrik De Backer

Smaller organisations, start-ups and event organisers need to shift gear quickly. They mainly need a tried and tested CMS that can produce an informative website quickly and easily. It goes without saying that it must be responsive, SEO-proof and offer all the standard usability features. For these kinds of clients, we have developed a kickstart route with Drupal 8.

Powerstep screenshot
Powerstep screenshot
Powerstep screenshot

Once the final version of Drupal 8 was released, we used an Agile approach to develop our own XIO Drupal 8 development platform. We created a backlog of Must Haves and Nice to Haves and a budget/project account, quickly establishing a great foundation for building a rich, informative and responsive website in Drupal 8. What's more, these websites can be maintained by clients easily and efficiently. 

Think of it as a multilingual Meccano box full of easily finished and combinable components for publishing and managing news and events, documents and roles within a website, for example. And, ready to take on your own personalised design.

First project using the XIO Drupal 8 development platform

At the end of 2015, Arctik – a specialist environmental PR and communications agency for the European Community in Brussels – chose XIO as its Drupal web partner. The initial request was a website for Powerstep. Powerstep is a European Commission project that aims to demonstrate that wastewater can be used to generate energy. In their own words: ‘We demonstrate the concept of an energy-positive wastewater treatment plant’. 

Perfect timing for the first real-life project using the XIO Drupal 8 development platform. 

XIO Drupal 8 building platform

Proven added value of Drupal 8

Given our previous experience with Drupal 8 (active involvement in the development of Drupal 8, the development of our own site using Drupal 8 beta software) and our XIO Drupal 8 development platform, we were able to build the Powerstep website quickly and efficiently. 

As well as obvious components with more informative pages, the RESTful web service, which has been integrated into Drupal 8, demonstrated its added value during the development of the Partner Area and the interactive map of Case Studies.

The design was supplied by Powerstep and translated by the XIO frontenders into a theme for use with Twig: the new template engine that is included in Drupal thanks to the Symfony framework. 

Drupal 8 also fulfils the long-expected innovations in the area of configuration management. XIO's OTAP pipeline, by means of which website components undergo stringent testing before they see the light of day, therefore ran a bit more smoothly than was previously the case.

The result: live Powerstep website and partnership with Arctik

The result: we are now proud to be handing over the Powerstep website. On time and within budget, we succeeded in creating an appealing new site that is able to support the project during its lifetime (the project will last 3 years and involves 15 partners in 7 countries). 

This first production website based on the XIO Drupal 8 development platform also marked the start of a partnership with Arctik.

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